Sea Wolves

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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Grats on the print Priscilla!! Wonderful design. I know quite a few people who would love this.

Nice design but not really for me. Which is good since I bought like 4 shirts last week.

I love the artwork on the wolves but the ships throw me off. Nice wolf art though!

Also, I’ve bought way too many Wootshirts lately.

I would buy one if I was a hunter and a pirate.

Interesting… almost looks like the wolves are covered in stars and the night sky. Very much a Native American feel to it, too.

Can we for once have a shirt that isnt so gloomy? I want a happy pill, er shirt.

Kind of gay/weird/awesome

Wild stuff man.

First Milton and now John Donne. Well played shirt.woot, well played.

Really cool design. I’m not a fan of the light blue shirts, which will help me resist temptation and abstain from buying. Gorgeous artwork though.

To me, this is the best shirt in weeks. Awesome work!

In for one :slight_smile:

Beautiful print Priscilla! Will post a blog about it!


i would get one… but wait, the idea is ripped from the band sea wolf, right?

Mascot for Sonoma State University!

I had the same thought. I love the wolf art. The ships keep me from wooting it.

This is awesome! I have been wanting a light blue shirt AND a Priscilla shirt. One for me please.

not sure what it’s all about, for $10, Alex…