Seabear Pacific Alaska Smoked Salmon 2 Pack

Seabear Pacific Alaska Smoked Salmon 2 Pack

Is the total weight 2 pounds (two 1-pound packages) or 1 pound (two 0.5 pound packages?


32 oz in total.

Each pack is 16 oz, and you’re getting 2 of them.

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I am getting 2 oz of them, and it’s a two pack. So I am getting 4 oz total?

Ounces and pounds are not the same.

But 454 grams (or 16 oz) is 1 pound, so yes. You’ll receive 2lbs.


I know ounces are different than pounds (American not British).

But the reply to my inquiry stated “ you’re getting 2 oz them.” So I was asking for clarification on what was said, not the difference between ounces and pounds.

But thanks.


I just noticed the typo in my post.

I fixed it.

I had meant to say that you’d be getting 2 of them.