SeaBear Ready-to-Eat Sockeye Salmon, 4pk

SeaBear Ready-to-Eat Sockeye Salmon, 4pk

The manufacturer offers a 1-pack of this item for $7, so the savings is not much.

I’m seeing $8 for one, plus $8.99 for ground shipping.

$5.99 for a single 3.5oz package, shipped free direct from Amazon. Less with subscribe and save.

This is not a deal.

That’s for pink salmon, not smokeye salmon.

Here is the correct version on Amazon. It is $7.99 for 1 pack of 3.5 Oz.

That’s for the smoked version. The one here on Woot is not smoked.

Amazon has the non-smoked version packets of 8 for $53. That comes to $6.63 per packet, not including shipping.

Ready to Eat Wild Sockeye Salmon in 3.5 Oz Pouches (Eight 3.5 oz. pouches)

Thank you for pointing that out. (The smoked part I mean. The comment was edited after my post.)