SeaBear Smoked Salmon Trio

SeaBear Smoked Salmon Trio - Sockeye, Coho, & Pink Salmon
Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC
$32.99 $50.99 35% off List Price
SeaBear Smoked Salmon Trio, 1 lb., 2 oz.

Unit Price = $29.33/lb
(Note that shipping is built into Unit Price)

$42 on seabear’s own website:

Plus shipping?

If we want to include shipping then it’s 25% off :^)

This is good salmon, i get them as Christmas gifts from partners at work! supposedly lasts 25 years unopened or something crazy (don’t quote me on this, i may be exaggerating) but I know for sure it’ll last 5 years.

SeaBear flat rate shipping for this is $8.99 as noted above. So $42 + $8.99.
Sure looks like $50.99 to me too.

this stuff is so good.