Seagate 2TB Marvel's PS4 Ext HDD

Seagate 2TB Marvel's PS4 Ext HDD

I use this with Xbox series x. Only for older games not ones optimized for X/S, though.
Just finished playing Fable Anniversary from the external drive. No issues.
Leaves the internal hard drive space for huge, new games.

Can I use this as just an external HD for my computer? Not a bad price for 2TB.

Yeah, should work fine.


Can confirm it works as an external drive. Loaded it with movies to watch on the go with chromebook and android tablet.


still not as cheap as previous sales, but it’s getting closer. used to be $11 more than the older sale, now it’s only $5 more expensive than what they used to sell it for.

At least using the app + Prime, we can save $5

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