Seagate 500GB SATA/300 7200RPM Hard Drive

hooray for WOOTS IT tech’s

MMMM I likes Pertatoes

yay more caaaaraaaaaaaaapppp

so, is recertified code for refurb?

Eeeee… Recertified HDDs make me afraid.

Condition: Still smokin’ hot, straight out of the Woot servers… “reconditioned”

bah, $20 more and you get new with 5 year warranty

ehh, well it is a seagate- so there is a high possibility that it will crash within the first 6 months… damn seagate!!

Wow thats a great price, but I’m skeptical of recertified hard drives

Ohhh…A good deal. But I still am using a hard drive I bought in another woot off…buy these UP fast…

refurb harddrive, no thanks

too many seagate drives have failed on me. though many people love them, I won’t buy them… especially refered

i have one of these and there’s a known problem in the firmware where it caps the transfer speed.

180 day warranty… YUCK!

It’s only like 20 bucks less than other 500gb HDs on newegg. this is what i wanted to buy today but the savings arent huge

Shit, I need money. Yay for newegg though, 99.99 to 109.99 for 500GB new.

terrible price for that item

whew! finally a break!! it was all going on so quick!

Stay way from Recertified Hard Drives.

How often do these “Woot-offs” happen. I am new today.

recert w/no cables