Seagate 750GB SATA/300 7200RPM Hard Drive

NO WAY! They look so… so… innocuous. Little did I know they thirsted for HUMAN BLOOD.

Now I really want one.

No need to holler, it is a 750gb drive.

Uh, no. They go for $119.99 + $7.30 shipping for the refurb on Newegg. This is a great price.

I think so. I have one for my TI-83, but I think it’s compatible with the 82

Just got back from the vclub and i am hammered… Time for boc

God also made satan and clay aiken. How’s your argument sound now?

Gracias! SATA comp. enclosure, and I’m good to go. I don’t love Seagate–have had many Maxtor drive eat my soul–but my 120 GB external is geting full and I need a place to keep my yaaaaarware.

The in the box changed too. Now it really is a 750!

your chance for BOC is slim

Not true. I’ve used an external enclosure for SATA and it works just fine… :slight_smile:

You can get a card from newegg to make the SATA drive communicate with your IDE motherboard, (it slows things down a tiny tiny bit)

or you can use an external USB housing.

Your next mobo or computer will have SATA anyway.

Yes, and I’m not them. :stuck_out_tongue:

I even did a quick search for “refurb” and it didn’t pull anything up, so I just bought with the quickness.

Your kung-fu is very good. Now invert the sense and re-read.

i got mine on the last woot off

make another ID & pay another shipping charge

picture also changed… woot must be getting tired.

grr, I JUST bought a 500gb sata drive for this much at frys… oh well…

Last woot off i got a 500gb of this same make and it sucks, it clicks and makes horrible noises. actually i ended up with 2 and they both do, another one came in the HP refurb pc i got. hope the 750 is better…

Lets go for the most comments in a few minutes! YEAH!