Seagate 750GB SATA/300 7200RPM Hard Drive

and I just bought 1TB for 180 today gah

Thanks for the linkage…been looking for an e-sata bracket for awhile and these guys have them!

Sorry, TI-83+ only. Time to upgrade

Oh, you’re still on me, despite two apologies. Okay, all right. You’ll hear this once. Only once. Don’t tell my daughter.

I overreacted. I was ACTUALLY an ass.

I’d rather not renew my wedding vows, however, Once was just fine. :wink:


750 GB formatted capacity???

Usually drive specs are given in UNFORMATTED capacity…and as 1GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes.

will it work with my Amiga?

get in the groove Nevada

I have a universal adapter thingy that works via USB, so this thing will just be a 2nd backup dump.

But I still don’t thing recertified is an actual word.

failed… try again 149.99 + 7.30 shipping new…finding refubbie now

Yeah - he was like ten years old and we were feeding them bread crumbs (I don’t know why). We ran out of bread and it bit the hell out of his leg. He’s 27 now and still has the scar.

mom, calm down. i think you’ve lost your mind over nothing.

Oh…maybe I should read up. i have a 6-month old Pavilion…it’s pretty new.

N 4 3 for my WHS

… and with that, I now have more than a TB. Sigh… I’m one of THEM.

cmon, almost gone…

just donating to the comment count

its 245am est

And they said my SCSI hardware was old!