Seagate 8TB NAS 3.5" Hard Drive

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Seagate 8TB NAS 3.5" Hard Drive
Price: $194.99
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9/26/2018 - $194.99 (Woot-off)

How does this stack up to the WD Reds?

This is an awful deal. its the 5400 RPM model, and only 5 dollars off Amazon’s regular price… >_<

You’re comparing a NAS-rated drive to a desktop drive. NAS drives are more reliable and designed to handle errors differently than desktop drives. They also don’t typically benefit from the higher 7200 RPM speeds due to the striping and distributed bits that RAID provides.

This is actually a pretty decent deal; WD Red drives are about 30% higher in cost than this.

This is the older model right? What’s different about these compared to the new IronWolf NAS HDD?

woot u can do better. 6 TB refurbished drives on amazon @ $119.

The only difference I see is this is 5400 RPM and the IronWolf is 7200 RPM.

That and this one on the mother ship is $288. Comparable IronWolf is $239.

So if you want an old one, this is a good deal.

Doesn’t matter what generation drive it is…it’ll die right after any warranty period and you’ll lose all your data. I have 5 dead Seagate drives that I lost all the data on.

These are not refurbished and are 33% higher capacity than the 6T refurbs you mention, so not much of a comparison.

I will never use refurb drives in any of my NAS systems, it is just inviting earlier failure in a device I want to perform without failures for a long time.

Anything that moves or generates heat eventually dies. New drives in a RAIDX (fill in the X with your favorite RAID level) configuration will give you the best shot at keeping data and being able to recover from this eventual hardware failure.

I also have a single-spindle drive with an automated backup of everything on each of my NAS devices to push this eventuality further into the pain-free zone.

Lifehack: WD external HDs have red drives in them. Wait for them to go on sale at the brick & mortars. I’ve seen them as low as $136. I bought 5 for my 5 bay QNAP. Just open them up and pull the drives.

Interesting, thanks. Will WD warranty the drive if you remove it from the external case, though?

And I have 150 that are still spinning, now what?

Now different they are from the desktop version is highly questionable, the firmware has “TLER” aka “when a sector goes bad we don’t hang forever trying to relocate it, we just report an error”. Which is good for setups with redundant drives and for setups where you don’t want your system to freeze forever – we never buy “desktop” versions anymore even for desktops.

But other than TLER and slower RPMs, who knows.

If you’re really serious about not losing your selfies, put one of those and one WD Red into a mirrored RAID set. Don’t put two of the same kind from the same batch in a set: that way the chances of the other one failing before the RAID fully rebuilds are much higher than you might think.

I’ve never had a Western Digital drive fail on me in 20 years of buying them…I’ve had 5 drives fail on me, 2 in the past 3 years…what brand? Seagate.

Is this an SMR drive? SMR drives perform TERRIBLY under sustained random write loads after their non-SMR cache area is full.

Seagates don’t make as much noise as WD’s IMO. I have 2 reds that came with a 16tb WD Mycloud. But they are 5400rpm. They work fine for streaming movies, but I use Enterprise drives for everything else, even in my everyday use PC since it stays on almost 24/7. I have only had 2 drives fail on me in the past 8 years. It was a desktop 3tb WD drive and a 250gb WD external drive (at least it was giving me clicking sounds that were not normal). No early warning on the 3tb, just crapped out. I had a full backup on a external (you guessed it) 8tb seagate drive. I was able to put it in the freezer for about 20 minutes and got 80% of data off it before it died again. After that, it wouldn’t spin up. I just replaced it and restored my backup.

But this web site has some great info on different brands of drives. Even certain size drives from the same brand has higher rates of failures then other sizes of the same brand or the same size from OTHER makers.
Don’t get stuck on the NUMBER of drive failures till you look at the percentage and the number of drives. It looks like the Seagates fail a lot till you look at the number of WD’s being used and it’s numbers. It comes down to personal preference. If you have a brand that has worked for you, you stick with it till it lets you down, like me and my 3tb drive. I did replace my WD 3tb drive with a HGST 10tb enterprise drive. Sure, it was costly but I also have a 512gb (OS drive) Samsung EVO Pro SDD, a 500gb PNY SSD as a image backup store device (it’s nice to re-image my machine in minutes instead of seconds LOL). Also have a 4tb Seagate Enterprise drive. I do have 5 2tb WD Black drives in a workstation that is used to record Over The Air TV and 4x 4TB seagate NAS drives in a Netgear NAS box.

So, how did your backup/recovery process work out?

Thats the first question I ask anyone who comes crying to me about “loosing data”. People will go out and spend 50 bucks on a $8 steak but won’t spend 50 bucks on a 1tb exteral drive to back up pictures, documents, etc. In your case, bet you wish you bought a BYOD exteral box or a NAS system. Yep, costly, but how much is your data worth? I have hundreds of movies, thousands of songs on my 16tb WDMycloud drive, but I have 2x 4tb myclouds, a NASBox with 16tb (about to replace it with a 32tb expandable system). Every PC in my house (3) have a back drive attached or access to one. I’ve implimited restoring my OS once off my backup SSD in my main PC, and when my 3tb WD drive died, I had a backup of it on an external 8tb segate drive (which I have 3 of). Yeah, I work in IT so I know the value of back ups. Kind of like owning a gun. You at first can’t justify the cost, but you buy one anyway, hope you never need it, but when you do, you are glad you had it.

When’s the last time you did that? From what I’ve heard, the recent models have an entirely different I/O on the logic board of the drive itself (with a USB interface) rather than standard SATA connections.

Sorry but is this a deal or a JOKE?!
What happened to woot?