Seagate Barracuda 500G Solid State Drive

Seagate Barracuda 500G Solid State Drive

Not a bad deal on these !
I picked up 3 the last go round and use them for external storage !
They work great !
Ya get 500 gigs of storage they’re fast !

Slight typo in desc: SATA III is 6 Gb/s not 6 GB/s

I bought one of these a few weeks ago here and put it in one of my older laptops. It is almost like a new computer it boots up fast and I find myself using more that I had been in a while. And the price is right!

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Not bad and name brand. This is something like a miracle for older computers. I coaxed an extra few years out of an old MacBook with one and an old Celeron with another. The only tricky part is cloning your existing hard drive to this new one… But Samsung has some nice software for that on their website.

Edit: Seagate, not Samsung.

Anyone have experience using this as an external drive for an Xbox One?

You can’t this is for internal only. You would need a mount to make it work over USB

I picked up one of these last go around and got an enclosure. Hooked it up to my Sheild TV as internal storage. Works great, like it’s part of the device.


Anyone known which model this SSD drive is
BarraCuda SSD 500GB
ZA500CM10002 <------

BarraCuda SSD 500GB
STGS500401 <------



Samsung does indeed have some nice software for this, too.

Yes but if I’m not mistaken it will only work if at least one of the drives is a Samsung drive…

You most certainly can use these as an external drive !
All you need is a Sabrent USB to SSD cable, and you have to initialize the ssd
using disc management on a pc !
I did that to all 3 that I bought and they work perfectly !