Seagate Barracuda 500GB SATA/300 7200RPM Hard Drive

I still don’t want this… Apparently Woot doesn’t understand that…

Absolutely priceless. :slight_smile:


Never teach a pig to sing; it only wastes your time and annoyes the pig.

or her eyebrows, or tits, or hair color, or skin tone…

her smile

hey, I was conveying my wootiness, not bragging to get votes.

her personality?

Let’s keep posting so we can be cool too.

I hate you woot!
Every time I try to buy something I want during woot-off, it sells out before I finish pressing the “I want one button”, and carp like this stays takes for ever to sell!
Since the wife is watching reruns on TV, and I don’t have something better to do, I’ll just write crappy comments…

I think according to Roberts rules of Order, we have to also have a quorum and then a motion (usually under new business) then a second, then discussion, then a vote.

It’s so close I can FEEL it!

Imma chargin mah lazers!

I hope this is in by bag of crap

I think a lot of people here could use a nap.

Holy crap - which is worse? How about focusing on the fact that someone hit her square in the face with the ugly stick, but didn’t swing hard enough - She’s stuck in the middle… EEK

Robert’s Rules of Order = AWESOME

Tick Tock…Tick Tock… end already!!!

Also, don’t trust anyone who owns a pig farm…