Seagate Barracuda 500GB SATA/300 7200RPM Hard Drive

this will be on sale forever hahaha last nights for 720 gigs took an hour or so

NO!!! DAMN YOU WOOT. This signifys the end of the woot off :frowning:

Where are the feet with these warranty-less, broken down HDDs!

these are good buy 3

Get two for this great price and use RAID. Or make this refurb be your back-up drive

yay this again



what kind of silly joke is this. i refuse to bust woot nut until i see something i actually want…

factory recertified the same as refurbished?


This woot is keep’en it clean!

NOT AGAIN!.. err this took like almost 3 hours for the 750GB to sellout… err maybe its a sign to go to bed now…

weeps that’s the second MicroSD card I’ve missed because I stupidly forgot to enter my CC validation code.

I seem to have this extraordinary feeling of deja vu…

This is the same torture as last night.

Oh for the love of Moses! see you guys an pg. 234231234 of this thread!

Wake me u when the woots arent boring

Terrible deal, there was that Seagate one with 750 GB earlier for only $10 more.

Need external