Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 750GB SATA/300 7200RPM 16MB Hard Drive

Actually, it’s catagorized as Mass Storage Memory.

I just bought a G5 lower end Mac from a friend of mine that is about a year or so old. The only thing I don’t care for is the size of the hard drive on there. I was wondering, since it seems you own a Mac, and I have never opened the casing of this one, do these hard drives work in Mac as well? I know that Mac does a lot of plugs different than PC and I don’t wanna buy something I can’t even use. Help?

Just about everyone received their drives that time with absolutely terrible shipping methods. My three were in a box barely large enough for one. They refunded me, but I couldn’t believe a company that moves so many electronics products was so incapable of shipping hard drives. I haven’t bought a hard drive from them again. I am tempted to pick up a trio of these though and RAID5 them in Linux.

So let me get this straight. With NewEgg, you get a brand-spanking new HD with a bigger 32MB cache, and a 5 year warrenty, compared to 16MB cache and 6 month warrenty, for just $15 more??

A 5 year piece of mind insurance policy for only $15, I’m sold! Sorry Woot!

The Barracuda Drive has been around for quite awhile. It’s main applications RAID using a SCSI interface. It was introduced in 1992 and is noted as the first HDD to use a 7200 RPM spindle speed. I have nine of them in my RAID 5 application in one server that’s been up for six years. I have three others in a RAID 0 +1 that’s been up for 4 years. Reliable? You bet they are, and they’ve been manufactured for 16 years!

The SCSI interface is hot-swappable BTW, meaning that the drives are mounted in a caddy and any defective one can simply be removed and replaced without rebooting.

Well that explains why I kept seeing everybody using that ROxOrs or whatever it was. I thought, it was some teenage lingo and I just was too old to be hip. Now I see it’s just woot hilarity. Thanks for enlightening me.


This drive was delivered to me on Monday. Newegg’s price was $99.99 shipped. After I installed it I decided that I wanted another. A check with NewEgg showed the price at $109.99. It went back down to $99.99 on Wednesday, so I snagged one then.

Patience = $10

I had it good with woot HDDs so far

make SURE to download the tool from seagate and full scan or long test the drive for defects, I done this on all the woot HDD sales. never had a problem with woot drives except one, and seagate returned a new one right away, all of them been running 24/7 ever since.

well if you want them for cheap backup buying 3 saved me $60

Rather spend the extra 30 bucks and get 5 year warranty on as well as have NewEgg amazing RMA process behind it.

well for people like me yes, I can use that 30 extra bucks somewhere else, besides how many people backup anyway 5yrs warranty is worthless if you cant recover your data

I agree with you,
but 6 months is enough to know if a drive fails anyway, after that period it’s pretty weird, when they do.

purchased this drive durring the woot off for 5 dollars more… the drive came… (drumroll), DOA! talk about recertafied… I have been hastling seagate to try to let me use my warrenty but they are not letting me. If worst comes to worst i have to send it back to rma. even with the volumes of doa, I think i’m going to test my luck and buy this hard drive… for 11 cents a gig… thats amazing! hopefully this time ti will work. just an fyi, be ready for the worst with this hard drive and if you find yourself in the clear and gettin a good hard drive, thats great for you

I love seagate hard drives most. I have about about 20 various ones in use at this moment. Unfortunately one died on me a while back, took me a while to RMA it, but I did. They sent me a R3furb model which promptly died on me. I trust new ones, but I never trust anything that’s been returned and “fixed.”

I’ve had too many Seagates fail on me in the past. I’ll be ordering a WD 750GB HD tonight. Newegg has 'em for $100 and I trust them a ton; have some WDs from old Macs that are 15+ years old and still running fine.

Get 3 and RAID 5 of them.
Get 3 and RAID 5 of them.
Get 3 and RAID 5 of them.

When in doubt, go for redundancy, when in doubt.

I know about this kinda stuff is the stuff I know about since I work in the Department of Redundancy Department at my work is where I know about this kinda stuff.

: )

No problem in your mac. They will take any SATA drive.

This was the perfect opportunity for me to fill up a Drobo with some bigger drives.

Frack… thought I got this, but I apparently didn’t. My account page doesn’t list it. Perhaps I just forgot to click that last button for some obtuse reason after mistyping the security code the first time 'round.

Note to self: double- and triple-check that the order actually went through next time.

Well, at least my dad got one too. I might be able to wheedle some storage space on the network.

In for 3, and if they don’t work, Seagate’s always been great about replacing drives for me.

Has anybody else had their order ship out yet? I grow impatient.

I’m still waiting too.