Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 750GB SATA/300 Hard Drive

I was thinking about buying 3 of these plus a Drobo 1st gen…
3 drives shipped: $215 ($0.095 per GB is temping…)
1st Gen Drobo: $340

$555 for 2.25TB of Dynamically RAID protected storage is not bad.

However, the only reason I will not pull the trigger is the lackluster warrenty.
“180 Day Seagate Limited Warranty”
I don’t care how you sugar coat it, 180 days does not create the perception that Segate is standing behind this product. Their external drives carry a 1 yr warrenty and their internal have 5. This product should have a 1 yr warrenty, lest you be SOL in 7 months. Add in the $8 SquareTarde warrenty? w/e . For $100 you can have this drive new with a 5yr warrenty.

Not quite compelling enough.

Command (Apple Key) + R

yeah it does, I’m on a mac right now. Just gotta hold down the function key

Hold Apple and hit r

not as easy as F5.


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F5 not working is not the fault of Macs really, it has to do with Safari on the Mac.

I use F5 in woot-offs all the time on my Mac…in Firefox.

more like “SLEEPING” Barracuda. Amiright!?!?!?


At least you think 38% remain

I don’t think F5 works on safari

but apple r does

I’d use xmodmap and make F5 work. You’re running UNIX, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

In for 3

Well, I’m talking internal mounts - but, that one you point out might be okay.

Basically, what we’re both saying is - using a cooling solution for any hard drive is a very prudent system design choice.

Anybody else use coolers (internal or external) ??

nothing really works properly on a MAC… Wel anything thats useful or worth a damn

Command R…