Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 750GB SATA/300 Hard Drive

respoofed HDD is a bad idea!!!11


I don’t know what any of this carp is!!!

Woot me baby!

72.00 on geeks

Can this store music for Rock Band or Guitar Hero??? if so I’m in for 3!!!

Why do Woot-A-Thons only happen at the end of my pay cycle. I can never afford to get anything as they tend to be around the same time.

Newegg has a new 1TB Toshiba available for $100, fyi.

not worth it too expensive recerrtified

Anything harddrive that doesn’t say “new” means “STAY AWAY” to me.


nite fellas…hopefully this will be gone by the time i wake up…

for guys who buy this…please buy atleast 10 each has it for $2 less, and free shipping…

Deal or no Deal… NO DEAL

yea, night.

Haha, that made me laugh.

recert? no way. i value my data more than that

I dunno man, gonna need at least 2x Raptors on Raid0 to run at ultra high :frowning:


Why does woot always smother us with refurb Barracudas??? CRAP!!!

Sorry, not for that price. I can get new for practically that on Newegg.

yes. cheap… but not worth the risk of data loss