Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 750GB SATA/300 Hard Drive

dang, another woot off killer like last time?

You are correct at 10 cents a gig. There is no need for this comment. Thank you.

That was a quick fix…

Not as sexy as Sarah Barracuda.

this was one of the wootoff killers last time

…this thing’s on every two weeks or so…

Who cares about a warranty? All that will get you is your money back or a new one. If it crashes your data is gone, whether it is new or recert. You should always have a backup drive no matter what you have.

I wonder what the board filter does if you type “refurbz suXX0r”…apparently nothing.

wow, those hard drives again! come on woot, give us something new, not those “refurb” things…

not again…
this took about 4+ hours to sell out last woot off

still waiting for that bag o crap

I’d buy a terrabyte maybe.

Check like the 3rd woot tonight. 22" LCD, very nice.

Seagate is horrible. No, thank you.

This is gonna take a while…

A respooooofed HDD is another OBAMAnation

it’s actualy 10 cents a gig, not a dollar. 750 divided by…oh forget it.

I’m pretty sure that was the same copy they wrote last time it was up.

This drive (recert and all) has been working great for me for months now. My old recert has been going for nearly 4 years. I’ve had two brand new drives crash. Don’t let the recert naysayers fool you, your odds are just as good with this as new drives. If you’re concerned about a warranty, go new. If you’re concerned about data loss, backup often, but don’t avoid recerts.