Seagate Expansion 2TB Portable Hard Drive

Seagate Expansion 2TB Portable Hard Drive

Didn’t even make it to the cart …

Ah well.

These are great for the xbox one.

I had it at checkout…

…did that seriously disappear within 90 seconds of showing up? Yikes. What was the in-stock quantity for THAT item?



90 seconds is about 75 seconds too long for some items. :frowning:

Less than those blenders…

this is the exact one i use too, really nice stays cool and has no problems loading games. I got it at this price but would almost recommend paying about $60 for it

There was 1. Also 8-10TB have been going to $80-100 on Slickdeals and Newegg Flash.

Those are 3.5" based and require external power supplies. This one is a 2.5", no external power required, and can be shucked to install into laptops.

You can install them into pcs the same way. It’s just an internal hard drive in a plastic box with a bridge (adapter).

I don’t know of any laptops made in the last 30 years that used a 3.5" drive.

Seagate portable drives under 2TB can be shucked. WD and HGST have USB directly on the drive itself.