Seagate Network Attached Storage

You could also build a full server for the same price or less.

B+H has the same unit for less
674.99 with free shipping


We’ve been looking at getting a NAS for home media use for a long time, and I was totally stoked about the 3T one, until I saw the amazon reviews. Yikes.

The STBM3000100 has a less-than-3-star rating on Amazon.

Looks like there are some problems with Seagate 3tb drives

I recommend … you will not be disappointed.

Good move. I have 3 media server devices in my home now. 1 is a tower converted to a OTA recorder (PVR) server. So far, it’s working out pretty well. It allows me to record through the ATI wonder card, an attached digital antenna and about 30+ OTA digital channels in my area. Using windows media center right now but I have to manual drag the files to a converter to make them MP4’s. I know there’s recording software out there that will allow me to stop using WMC but for now, it’s a once a week ordeal. I have 2, 2TB enterprise drives as data and the OS is on a 64gb ssd drive.

If your looking for a pretty much plug and play setup, I use the WDMycloud 4tb drive. IMO, it’s perfect for the average home user as a media server. I can watch movies off it from my phone, smart tv, one of the 5 roku’s I have in my home, PS3 and Xbox’s (1 or 360). It’s the main goto for movie night. I also run a Netgear NAS box w/4 4tb segate NAS drives. It’s my media server(s) backup, and it’s the backup for the PC’s on my network. It’s not as plug and play but I can access it just like the Mycloud but I do not let it go outside my home network because of the data stored but it can do much much more then being a media server. It shows up on my 2 Samsung smart TV’s but I’ve yet to set it up to watch through my roku’s. PLEX works with it but now that Plex wants to charge for it’s use, I’ve dumped it. So no phone access (but it can be one). Just some food for thought. Oh, and you can load up FreeNas on a standalone PC and get the same results as the Netgear provides but it’s a little more advanced to set up.

Thanks! Went ahead and ordered the WD MyCloud 4t through Amazon. :smiley: The biggest complaints about that one are regards to dropping the IP and one of the reviewers gives nice clear instructions on how to set it with a static IP, so I’m not worried. Totally stoked!

MCEBuddy ( will automate that task. This free version does the job, later releases are said to be much faster.

Thought they just came out, if you want to spend the extra, get the 6tb version. Then you may not have to worry about getting a NAS box down the road. Nice thing about the mycloud (as with most cloud devices) is you can send out invites which basiclly gives them access. You can set up shares, like I’ve done for my kid in college. Which allows her to save files to her drive space, and I’ve given her access to HER movies too. It comes in handy because it has no file size restrictions for CLOUD use like mydrive, google drive etc. But the bottom line, it’s easy to use and I’ve not had the problems about it dropping it’s IP. I’ve given it a static IP because i have my security cameras dumping recordings to it so I can view it while my PC is offline. I have the ASUS RT-AC66U router and all I had to do is log in, click on the assigned IP and making it static. Been that way for about a year now, no probs. My netgear box goes offline from time to time. They are looking into the issue but I doubt they will figure it out before I jump ship to a QNap or Synology NAS box. Waiting for 6tb drives to drop to the lower 200’s before I make the move.

I think I downloaded this a few days ago, along with a couple of others. Haven’t had a chance to give it go.

I had a couple (second was warranty replacement of first) and they are terrible. Second one failed too, just in a different way.
Go Synology and forget WD.

I actually like Windows Server 2012 R2 based servers because of exactly one feature: restore to bare metal. If your computer fails it can be quickly and easily restored to a previous good back-up. That basically makes each client machine a dumb terminal as I don’t really care if something happens to that client as long as I’m down no less than a day max. From my understanding, no other server OS can do bare metal restoration with the exception of Apple’s Time Machine to Apple systems only. I’m no expert on these things so if others have similar alternatives I’d be happy to know about it.

Used to use nothing but seagate drives, etc, but i wont touch them now. Ive had 3 of 3 fail in less that 12 months. 1 laptop, 1 hybrid, 1 desktop. No thanks

I use nothing but WD portable drives. I still have a 160gb drive from 2005. As far as NAS and desktop, I have both. I’ve had a couple of older WD drives (1tb) that I had to stick in the freezer to get the data off.

I’ve had desktop units perform right beside NAS drives and keep up. I did just get a 2tb enterprise and BLACK drive for my media server PC. So, I’ve had good luck with both, I’ve had better RMA experiences with Segate (yes, had 2 750gb drives start clicking (but worked) 2 months before their 5 year warranty expired. Paid for the fast service and Seagate sent me 2 new drives (not refurbished). And to be fair, took me 2 months to get WD to replace a 500gb drive that was 4 months old (it was OEM but that shouldn’t have mattered and it was humming and had lots of data errors). I can tell you though, I will never use SAMSUNG, TOSHIBA, HGST drives. I know they are rebranded but still, had 2 laptops with Samsung drives. Crap…

Turns out, I didn’t have this one. Installed last night and put it to work converting my files. Didn’t test it out yet but hope the comercial skip part works. Thanks for the info

My WD MyCloud is running very nicely. It is working well for me until I outgrow it and need to go with a Qnap or Synology NAS

Some tips:

  1. Check out the WD MyCloud user forum on the WD support site. There are some gotchas people have seen
  2. The support for the various Apple features is not robust - check the forum for what exactly is supported and works and what doesn’t work. I have all the Apple stuff turned off
  3. The various processes that create icons for your media will eat up the CPU - turn them off. Requires a little SSH access and a few Linux commands.
  4. Disk drives die - get another USB disk, connect it to the external USB port and back your My Cloud up.

Just an update, my WD MyCloud came in today and I’ve had a lot of fun getting it configured (changed it to static IP right away) and dumping in movies, books, music. I’m amazed at how quickly things move these days. 6g of music in 7 minutes. I remember back in the day, my first portable HDD (a 10g Hyundai) and xferring 6g of music took 6 hours. Technology, y’all! Anyway, thanks for the info, I’m having a great time with this WD MyCloud. :slight_smile: