Seahawks: We Are The Champions!

Darn no superboc

Yeah, I checked too. :frowning:

Love the timeliness!!

Is there even a size to this? 3x5, 2x3, 1x1.5? Anything?

The bandwagon! She cannot take anymore captain!

Where are the Broncos stuff they were going to send off to Africa?

Can you link to the product you’re asking about?

No shirt? No hat? Ok, maybe pint glasses…

Champions banner

Thanks, I’m checking with our buyer. I’ll update you when I hear back.

Anyone have any idea why when I try to order the Seahawk license plate it’s telling me it can’t be shipped to my address and asking me to choose another address? The ship to address is the same as my billing address.

I’ve added the Championship banner and license plate frame to my cart, but at checkout it’s saying that those items can’t be shipped to my address? Everything else in my cart is fine and if I change the address it doesn’t fix anything. What’s the deal?

I’m having the same problem. I guess they don’t want my money.

Or anybody’s money!

LOL, Someone isn’t doing their job. I just sent a request to the Woot support group about not being able to ship the banner and license plate frame to my address and this was in their automated response:

“To be honest, we’re pretty swamped this holiday season and it might take us up to a week to respond to your request. We’re very sorry for the delay, we know it is an important time of year and remain committed to addressing your concerns.”

In all honesty, having the Super Bowl as a holiday isn’t a bad idea.

Did they win the superbowel or the world serious or something? I didn’t see them on dancing with the stars.

take my money

woot, why wont you let me ship stuff!!


Looks like they fixed the shipping issue without posting any updates.