Seal Of Reproval

wow, in the write up: “ATTENTION: if you’d like the uncensored, NSFW version of this shirt, you can buy it here!” HERE actually brings you some place even cooler! I expected a bad joke. Way to go, I like the alternative.

I totally would have bought it with just the graphic… The a$#hole part really messed it up for me…

ha! Title pun earned chuckle, cute seal.

My eyes were drawn to the NSFW graphic first and I clicked on that without even looking at the shirt. Worried about what that says about me…

Seals are so subjective.

The title makes me laugh, the fact that woot is happily announcing that they are offering an uncensored version just fills me with all sorts of sadness.

Are these more of the “new” and “wonderful” changes that we are getting at woot? Not that I am a prude, but woot set itself apart (in the past) with the fact that in the past they wouldn’t have run shirts with foul language or religiously insensitive material.

Now they’ve done both within the course of a month. Can I have my old shirt.woot back please?

You mean like this shirt?

Or maybe the insinuation here?

I get what you’re saying overall - but it’s not on the main page and it’s the word ass.

I own the Walmazan shirt previously known as Porn Stars changed to “Special” Delivery. As I said, not a total prude here. (Although I do only wear the shirt as a night shirt and never out, so I draw the line somewhere). Plus, I’m a sucker for Walmazan shirts.

As far as Kristy’s shirt goes, I truthfully forgot about that one, and I guess even now I just chalk it up to a silly side-contest done by woot staff, not something that was a daily, or on the main page either. I guess the “tee-hee, see what we printed” nature gets me a bit too.

My daughter came up with a witty alternative. “Now if they had said ‘blowholes,’ that would have been cute.” Gotta love her: witty and no profanity!

I thought the same thing when I saw this. Obviously woot is looking to create some discussion today to draw attention to this flailing site.

Wear this shirt around kids and you not only promote hatred but you’ll be the a-hole.

Woot execs should think about pulling this one. Just not cool and I’m very far from being PC, but have enough sense when not to tattoo it across my forehead, chest or my but t

Hey a cartoon Tee on Woot,when does that ever happen ?

when did this become the 1950’s again? oh wait… some people have been trying to go back to that era for a few years… no thanks. i would not buy the uncensored version but the first one. yeah, i might. but i agree…blowholes would have been so much better…

Oh my gravy, such language! Orcas may be watermelons as this shirt suggests, but it’s poopieful to say it so openly.

Ah, on second thought, to the hot bad place with it, I agree, those forking cetaceans are real watermelons! (I feel so naughty)

If you compare the NSFW shirt with the original, the sizes look different. The seal on the NSFW version looks a lot smaller. Is there an acual difference, or will the seals be printed the same size?

Orcas are real iceholes?
I’m too scared to see the check the NSFW version so I just guessed.
Checked out David’s blog though. The witty posts and insight into his process are great.

Many orcas only eat fish and are of no harm to seals. It’s a-holish of seals to make such rash generalizations.

Finally, something that woke Wyoming Wooters; but shouldn’t that be “@$$holes”?

It’s a shame that this isn’t offered on a tote. As much as I love the uncensored version of this design, I would never wear the t-shirt. A tote I would’ve used daily…