SealSkinz All Season Gloves

Only small amd xxl available but the sizing chart doesn’t make any sense. I always need at least a large in gloves for my hands to feel comfortable and have enough room to use my hands for things with the gloves on.

According to this sizing chart and its measuring method my right hand knucle measures a a little over 8.75" so about 9". Their chart shows for men 9" should wear a medium size glove. Ok, maybe their gloves run really big and a medium will fit.

So then i measure my girlfriend’s right knuckle to see whT size glove I would get for her and her knuckle measures exactly 8". She normally wears a small in gloves and my gloves would be huge on her if she tried wearing them. The chart says though that for women with a 8" nuckle should get a large size for a comfortable fit.

So I’m assuming that the formatting of the chart is wrong since they don’t seem to offer diffrtrnt sizes for men and women and I cant imagine ordering medium size for myself and a large for my girlfriends if they indeed had those sizes in stock.

Maybe I’m reading the chart wrong or doing the measuring incorrectly because it doesn’t make sense the way I’m understanding it.