ruh roh - product test video shows his left foot wet? hrmmm… at least it isn’t flame resistant product testing. :wink:

Exactly how is this “[w]aterproof and breathable”? That statement seems contradictory to me.

I’m guessing it is like how a nylon mesh is waterproof and breathable. It might not keep you dry, but it doesn’t soak up water and dries fast.

No, waterproof breathable is characterized by specialized technical materials like Gore-Tex. The microstructure of the membrane is such that it allows sweat evaporation to go through the pores, but liquid water to not pass. It DEFINITELY keeps you dry.

Simple chemistry and physics…
Materials that are breathable and waterproof have tiny pore-like holes in them, but the holes are too small for water droplets to pass through, yet gases may still pass through, including the water vapor of sweat.