Sealy 3-inch Mattress Topper

Sealy 3-inch Mattress Topper

Is this just a shaped piece of foam? Thinking I could get one and cut it to size for my pop up camper.

Does anyone know if these can be cut to size?

Yes, you can trim it to size. An electric knife works great for that if you have one. Google will help tons. Here’s one link:

Does the queen size topper measure a full 60" x 80"?

I think so.

Boy 'O Boy, talk about “photographic perspective”! Looking at the pictures that include a bed, these toppers look a good deal thicker than 3 inches!!! Shame on Woot.

Assuming that’s a 12" mattress, the pad only appears to be about 4 inches thick rather than 3. I’ve seen worse.
Edit: If that is a 9-10 inch mattress, then it’s nearly spot on.