Sealy 8-Inch Foam Bed in a Box, Your Choice of Size

Sealy 8-Inch Foam Bed in a Box, Your Choice of Size

Any experience with these?

I think you’re meant to sleep on these.

Sealys tend to have better quality control than many of the knock offs.

Bed in a box or mattress in a box? Big difference. A bed is more than just a mattress, as shown in the picture…

fake spot gives these a C grade

no thanks

That site isn’t good for getting reviews from.

Agree. It’s best to go to the Amazon page and sort by verified purchaser.

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I’ve been doing tons of research on mattresses since I’m in the market for one myself. I’ve found that foam density is an important piece of the puzzle to rate quality in foam and hybrid mattresses. Are the foam densities listed anywhere for this one?

Agreed. I’m an owner of the original Tempurpedic, before Sealy bought them. After 20 years, it’s finally time for a new mattress. Tempurpedics are no longer the same quality as they were originally, and far more expensive.

The density of the original Tempurpedic memory foam is 5.5. When they don’t mention the density, it’s usually low 3.0 is common. Also, note they call it “advanced comfort foam”, so there is no memory foam involved.

Here is the Amazon listing if anyone would like to read the reviews - it seems to have a pretty decent review rating/writing:

Sleep tight

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