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think that a search engine would be quite beneficial to Woot. It would help bring in more revenue.

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@iamnero You owe @ThunderThighs a dollar.

Hello @iamnero!

This surely isn’t the ideal place to introduce myself or the project I’ve recently been tinkering on, but since the topic is relevant I figure what the hey: it’s as good a place as any.

I too was surprised and disappointed by the absence of a search function on, and when I discovered the existence of the developer API I set about building something that would allow me to more easily navigate the ever-changing catalog of goods for sale. It is currently published at In case you’re intrigued, the About page talks a bit more about the project.

The app has evolved into something I believe the wider Woot community would benefit from, but before making any effort to promote it I’d first like to ensure that it’s not violating any rules. Would love to hear your thoughts. If you’d like to discuss, please feel free to reach me by email.

Hope to hear from you!



Cool site. Appreciate the fan support.

Just make sure it’s clear that you’re not associated with Woot and Amazon. And that all photos and text are property of Woot.

If you’re making a commission on sales linked from your site, that should be noted as well.

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Thank you for the feedback! In the disclaimer I do explicitly note that the project is not officially endorsed by Woot or Amazon, and I’ll further update it to include the fact that all text and images are property of Woot.

I am not (as of yet) receiving commission on any sales that result from traffic driven from the site. Eventually I would like to enroll in the affiliate program, but I have little reason to do so before the site gains some traction.

With your blessing I would like to further promote it within this forum in hopes that fellow Wooters will find it useful.


You can create a thread of your own to promote it but don’t spam other threads please.

We have other 3rd party search sites as well.

New app with SEARCH. Yeah !!!

Check it out @


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