Search option

Why is there no Search option on Woot ? I think it would be super handy.

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Boss said no and gave us donuts instead. They were good though.

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Wrong answer! Your boss is clueless! Does he actually us the app to find products?! A search feature is one of most basic and fundamental features / options for an app with a large listing of products. Category listings alone are not adequate for finding products. Finding products should be made as simple as possible. As an Amazon product it should closely mimic the Amazon app as much as possible so users don’t have relearn yet another app.

So cute. I remember when I first came to woot and I thought giving them advice was a good idea.
I spent five years in a dungeon designing shirts. They fed me bread and water and NO sunlight. It was almost as bad as that summer internship at Disney.

In all reality tho, a search option does not make much sense, most of the items are sold out within minutes. They do not have inventory like Amazon (the mothership), its all first come first serve.
Think about it like the clearance rack at the store. You can’t go in there find clothing on the clearance rack and demand that they order it in your size… What you see is what you get.

The other theory is that they want you to spend hours on a regular basis pouring over this site trying to snag that one thing before anyone else. It’s really a site for people that show up to the rummage sale 30 minutes before they open… Except less nasty looks from the Karens.

They didn’t feed sunlight to you?


Nope… I even told them I was a plant and everything…