I have been waiting a while for Woot to add a search feature. Is this going to happen?

Been waitin’ awhile and ya just joined up now huh? Looks like we’ll be waiting awhile longer, I reckon.

You can use the forum search to look for item topics–I sort by new topic created date. But some of the events and/or items never do get a topic.

You can also go to @lichme’s (UN-afilliated with Woot or Uncle Jeff) and search there.

But I have to mention I find the weird/random things I never realized I needed until I saw them more pleasing than just a tactical search.

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Remember that forum date isn’t an indicator of woot join date.

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Yeah, yeah, I hear ya…you people need to fix that.

I might need to quit peeking too, but that isn’t what we’re talking about. lol

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Kinda can’t. Someone creating an account on woot doesn’t create their account over here until they come over. Forums are run by another company so they can’t access our customer data. Big no-no.

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You’d have better luck making shirts with words. Here’s your inspiration.

I :green_heart: woot search



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Go enjoy the Happiest Place on Earth! I kept a running log on the Grottos of our trip. All in all, a fantastic week. Hope yours is too!

Good point. No search feature and a jank forum.

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Just wait for Woot Forums 3.0


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powered by

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He sold out AGAIN?!?


That’s not exactly true. Wootstalker is affiliated with woot/amazon, but thanks for the referral!

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affiliated =
(of a subsidiary group or a person) officially attached or connected to an organization.

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Yeah, that’s me.



@lichme @bsmith1

Occasionally I wonder which of you is more stubborn in order to prove their point.