Seaside Key Lime Pie in a Jar

What’s with the color? Isn’t key lime pie suppose to be green???

Nope. Custardy yellow. If you’ve seen them green, then they’ve had food coloring added.

Or, grated lime peel.

Like the recipe calls for.


Except that Key limes are not green.

Should still only produce flecks/streaks of green. Unless you are putting it in by the cupful!

Have made more than a few key lime pies, with real Key limes. Never used grated lime peel. Key limes are not vibrant green, they are light green/yellowish.

Thanks a lot to everyone that responded for clearing up my stupidity. I appreciate the help.

Can’t believe this sold out when I was changing shipping address. Bet it sucks anyways.

So sorry…didn’t mean to imply that. I live in FL, and have learned a bit about this delicious pie.

Also missed out on ordering this. Should have…it’s much easier than making it. :frowning: Sad for both of us.