Seattle snowmageddon! Everybody panic on this thread.


Over 3" of snow at my home.
The beer is holding out for now.
I’m not sure if I can hold on much longer.


So my only advice is this. Buy toilet paper, cat food, all the milk, all the bread, the hot chocolate, AND STAY HOME.

BUT if you do decide to drive in snow just remember this one thing.

You can’t stop. The person in front of you can’t stop. The persons beside you and behind you can’t stop. NOBODY CAN STOP. But relax. Sure you might hit a parked car with another parked car, but that’s ok. Because a parked car will make you stop. Speed isn’t the main problem. It’s the stopping.

Where I live we got used to not having that sissy pedal. You too can get used to it. Just use not moving things to make you also not move.

Have fun!


Well, you might have to ferment some of that corn you have stored.


Checking recipes for snow stew and snow burgers.
They all have one ingredient that we have lots of!

It’s also gluten free and low-cal I think.


4 Wheel Drive does NOT mean 4 Wheel Stop.


I wonder…
If someone could sprinkle syrup on the snow clouds…
Would we make snowcones??


Yes it does.
The wheels stop. Car does not.


Is it free trade?


I think someone made some lemon snow one and left some behind…ha. free lemon snow!!


Uhhh… That ain’t lemon snow…







I was not joking…see… free lemon snowcone stuff for me. hahhhaha some suckers probably thought they cannot eat snow off the ground… this is fresh snow!!




This is why I don’t let kids make snowman. They are just bloody ungrateful blobs.


I have a lot of these.


I don’t believe in Netflix.