Seattle snowmageddon! Everybody panic on this thread.


Were you one of those kids that didn’t have a TV growing up?


Ferdinand from the Costa RIca trip is very confused, yet inquisitive and finally comfortable with teh snow.


FALSE. I was never a kid.


Learn to spell man. “teh”…LOL


Snopocolypse is also impacting animals…
I just got an alert on the neighborhood app where someone said that a coyote just tried to grab one of their chickens.
I live in a sort of an urban area…and people have chickens…that coyotes are stealing…

I thought they only ate road runners.


They also eat cats and goats. Plus they will take advantage of your dog and not pay child support. Well, they’d probably eat a small dog. And your hamster. Pretty much everything.


My neighborhood is known for bobcats and bears. bobcats have taken out small dogs around my parts.


So you’ve never sprawled out in a bean bag chair (wearing footed pajamas eating cheetos with a cat in your lap) and binge watched 3 seasons of parks & recreation?



in MA there are always runs on bread and milk, but produce???


I just don’t believe Netflix exists. I am going to strat a group for people that believe Netflix isnt real.


That’s the thing about Netflix, it’s real whether or not you believe in it.

(My apologies to Neil DeGrasse Tyson for totally butchering his quote about science.)


Is this a group strat?


your camera is drunk


I’ve got the fun nuisance wildlife. Mostly squirrels that eat the paint off my porch posts and not-afraid-of-people skunks. There’s been times when my dad finds a opossum in his shed and a groundhog living under it that eats the lettuce. My aunt had trouble with coyotes getting her goats and chickens just outside of town. I can only remember one bear and someone set a gator loose in the river. I think both those got ate by hillbillies.


I’ve had squirrels chew through Christmas lights on my house and eat the outside of a cardboard milk box. Squirrels are crazy.


@daveinwarshington - do you have any giant squirrels in your yard?


I put plastic Easter eggs in my flower bed one year. Stupid squirrel kept eating them. He didn’t learn. I think he ate all the blue ones.


I have so much belief in the Netflix I pay like $12 a month for it. Yes, that is right. I AM THE ACCOUNT ORIGINATOR! I HAVE THE POWER! (of the password).


Netflix is not real. It’s a conspiracy. Its pretty obvious. If you jumble it, you get “Ftnexil” - which in the native language of a village on the south eastern corner of Bangalore means “govt spy program”.


I’ll be a charter member.

I don’t believe in Facebook either.