Seattle snowmageddon! Everybody panic on this thread.


Not yet.
Jetta and Chevy chases even giant squirrels away!


Never blame the squarryls.


I’m considering declaring a “Household Emergency” due to the heavy snowfall. There must be 4 or 5 inches.
I have plenty beer, but I forgot to check the potato chip/corn chip supplies.


Oh no!! That’s horrible. Do you have any popcorn at least?


Dog food looks crunchy like chips. Maybe Jetta & Chev will trade you some kibble for some steak?


Anyone lost power yet?


Yes! Popcorn will work just fine!!


I’ve been losing power for years now…


You’re so clucking right!
He never lets me stay inside the house. Brrr
Cluck Cluck


What is going on here


It’s dark, cold and snowing… and I’m outside guarding the stupid chicken coop.


i found eggs at amazon go davejives do you even know how to corner a market


Who do you think Amazon bought the eggs from?


Wooster is still standing guard, though his hens are reluctant to venture outside the coop…

I found him a scarf and a warm shirt to wear.


sounds like ajit hasn’t heard about AmazonHen yet


I’d stay in my house too, if the Jolly Green Giant were standing guard outside.


There is way too much snow outside, but temp never went past 32. Has anyone used a leaf blower to get rid of snow from the sidewalk. Is this a good idea?


It works on light, fluffy snow.

Is yours light and fluffy or wet and heavy?


If you ignore it long enough it will go away on its own.


Is that an Alexa skill?