Seattle snowmageddon! Everybody panic on this thread.


I don’t know…I know it sucks. So…not sure which category that is


No. It won’t work very well unless it’s a very light dusting & no one has walked on it.
I recommend using fireworks. Aim the fireworks straight down into the snow & watch what happens. Good luck.


And if you’re in one of those weird states that frown on fireworks you can still lightly spray the affected area with fuel and light it on fire. I don’t recommend throwing a lit match on a patch of gasoline unless you’re a really really really fast jumper. Same with kerosene and diesel. Lighter fluid would be ok. Probably. Who knows? If you don’t like your mail person, don’t bother. That’ll teach them to give your w2 to that guy who only has one ear.



What do I need to do to modify my pressure washer to do that?


Some of that diesel gas Dave found is a good start.


Worst case you can use a match and the resultant gas from yesterday’s Taco Bell/Pizza Hut adventure.


Roll of duct tape and a hammer.


Snowmageddon is back…

9 degrees last night, and now it’s snowing again.

As all the stores are sold out of snow-melt, I may sell the salt I have.
$25 a tablespoon & it’s iodized!



It’s barely snowing here and they’ve closed one road (wreck) and I’ve heard of wrecks on two more. Ugh. Winter.


Pfft. I buy the salt used in water softeners. It’s $1 cheaper.

I remember one lady (in the olden days when I was doing my retail time) who would use table salt on her steps so it wouldn’t hurt her puppy’s paws. I want to grow up and be good like her.


More snow!!!
Busses are cancelled tomorrow. Schools are cancelled.

Local grocery store got some fresh stock of carrots, onions, and avocado…and people bought all of it within an hour.


Carrots with guacamole! If they only had corn chips…



A resident of Issaquah has located 2 snack machines in an abandonded hardware store. She said, “I don’t care if the chips are 12 years old. They are like gold around here!”


Screw you snowmageddon.! I hate you!

It’s getting ridiculous. Almost two feet of snow and still dumping snow out here on the Peninsula. My snow shovel is overheating…



Outside in my neighborhood



Here’s mine:



If you look closely, you can see my car in this angle: