Sebago Men's Boots

Sebago makes great shoes - love their boat shoes -

I would be interested but the sizes are geared towards the normal size population. Size 15 please Woot!

So…high-topped boat shoes? No thanks.

Would any of these be good in snowy weather? Trying to find information online is proving to be difficult.

So you ask an online forum for help? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course! Wooters are know to be very opinionated. And I mean that in the nicest way possible… mostly.

Well, I’ve seen employees from companies answer questions here for other products, so why not? Also, maybe some fellow wooters have owned these particular boots before and have some info. There really aren’t many reviews online for these particular models.

It’s not like I’m posting on an online forum for medical help.

I’m pretty sure they aren’t insulated so it really depends what you need them for. If you’re walking from the house to the car, then they’d be fine (better than most shoes, I’m sure).

They do not list GOODYear welt soles. This usually means you can never replace the soles. So these are fashion not function boots.

True-dat! I have an unhealthy love for shoes (especially for a dude) and there ain’t no room for these odd looking things things!

Yes, as long as you wore a thick wool sock on the inside, and a good rubber boot on the outside.
There … a voice of experience …

I own a pair of the Filson Sebago Knights. I love them, very beautiful and comfortable shoe!

I had to cover them in SnoSeal for them to be weather proof though. But since that they’ve held up perfectly for 1 full year of use.

Definitely size big. I had to get a full size below what I actually wear.

Holy Crap! These boots are way beyond UGLY. Blech!

WOW! I seriously just started to throw up a little bit. IMFAO: hideous

These are a collaboration with Filson. Nordstrom has them in their Anniversary Sale starting today: $130.

these are great shoes. request additional types.