Sebago Men's Shoes

Wish I could trust sizes on shoes to buy over the internet.

Looks like some Sperry rip offs

I got a pair from one of those fancy overpriced stores that starts with an Nors… and paid over $100. But, I still wear them and they are in really good shape. Although the sole need replacing. I got an 11 and the fit great for me, with no socks. And even the occasional time with socks, still fit great. Not sure if these are some kind of knock offs, but if not, good deal for a really good shoe. I’ve got a pair in my cart until I get a price on new soles. Forgot to mention I’ve had mine for about 10 years!

Ditto that… I think good shoes otherwise and yes, similar to Sperry… doubtful these can be resoled since it’s a molded sole…

Wearing them right now. I bought a pair monday, came in thursday. Very comfortable. Size fits well. A little bulkier than I had wished. The color of the camel version is a little darker than the picture.

Overall happy with the purchase.

So does the “3 holed” model actually have laces that actually ties?