Sebago Shoes For Men & Women

If only I had a size 7 foot, I’d be set! :wink:

Please offer some shoes in women’s W I D E sizes. Make me a happy camper!

Good reviews on these boot…glad I got a pair…looks like the 12 I got was the last pair!!! Amaazon has them for $111.00…wow

So, I’ve read the FAQs and the page 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty but nothing is said about sizing issues.

I sent an email to support asking about sizing, but received no reply. The same measurement (I actually stood on a ruler with my larger foot) says a 9 for the Sebago shoe, but on another offer it is a 9-1/2 for the Dickies.

Shoe sizing and the lasts that they are made on is an inexact science.

Does anyone actually know, is Woot policy if it ain’t broke or you bought the wrong stinking size or don’t like the color… Go pound sand! Or, do they make some concessions for shoes that simply don’t fit to be returned?


We try to give enough information so that you won’t be surprised when you get the shoes. It looks like we provide the lengths in our specs tab on these shoes. Generally, no, we do not take back shoes or clothes because of sizing issues.

WOOT has a return issues…I have had several run arounds…but did manage to work thinks out…you should go to Amazon…not sure what shoes your are interested in…the Sebago boots are listed…seems like these run a little big…I bought the size 12 in the higher boot…great deal here on WOOT for these boots!!

Thx for the reply. This is what I figgered, but wanted to confirm. I’ve already done actual measurement and converted that to their # size. But, shoes are so often a crap shoot!


Thanks for that bit of information, it is very helpful!


That’s not sufficient for shoes. “Length info” is not all there is to proper shoe fit. You HAVE to be able to try them on, because there are many dimensions on a shoe besides length.

I bought one pair of these that fit. Then I bought another style in the SAME SIZE that does NOT fit. I wasted $60. I will certainly never buy shoes from Wot again.