Secret Motivation

I’m running from my existential dread… Well… I’d have no problem doing that, but actually, I’d rather run towards an existential ice cream cone. :slight_smile:

Congratulations on the print, SenorDoom! :slight_smile:

SOS Houston… uh… I mean Shirt Woot, we have a problem here!

Neither the top nor the bottom shirt tab takes you to this Derby Editor’s choice shirt! If I didn’t get the Woot Daily digest, I never would have found it at all. Which probably explains why as of 8am in the morning, only one of these shirts has been sold.

(This design was entered in the Athletic MoTEEvation derby. Ironically, it is listed as being in a “Hardly Working” Derby. Well, it’s the Shirt Tabs that are Hardly Working at the moment.)