Secret of the Sharpener

When I jammed my pencil into the sharpener, I heard a loud scream.

It didn’t make sense until now…

In Soviet Russia, pencil sharpen you!

And now all is right in the world of shirt.woot

My guy is really old and decrepit.

Love the image but damn if I get another sky blue shirt from Woot! I’ll be mistaken for a North Carolina fan.

Not just that but it seems a bit small on the shirt :S

Why was the 3rd place derby shirt sold yesterday and the 2nd place derby shirt sold today? I’m confused… Isn’t the 3rd place shirt usually sold on sunday?

I’m pretty sure you guys can’t count, this is #3, not #2

edit: haha didnt even pick up that the placement trophy was wrong the first time around- even better!

Now that I know the truth, I’m never using a mechanical pencil again.

Sort of confused with the placings this week. I thought yesterday’s shirt was 2nd place but this one got more votes?

Most people don’t know this, but all electronic devices actually contain tiny lumberjacks. Ever open up your iPod? Yup.

There’s not a lot of room in there to skip, jump, and press wild flowers.

To all confused: read yesterday’s thread. There was a glitch in the system, and the third place shirt printed by mistake. This was the second place shirt.

here’s the explanation of what happened from yesterday’s thread

great shirt. in for one.

When he goes on vacation, does he get a woodchuck to take over? How much wood could a woodchuck chuck?

They all have blue smoke in them too! Maybe the lumberjacks are smoking something…

the write-up reminds me of this:

That guy must be italian. Just look at that arm hair!

These are the real Ax Men that should be on the History Channel.

Pah! You kids today have it easy. When I was a boy, the little man inside only had a bowie knife… and I had to wind the darn thing… uphill… in my father’s pajamas!