Section 8 High Performance Earbuds

Def Leppard and Tupac?? In for 3!!

high performance = $1 ?

I wish there were just some with plain black instead of logos.

In for three (duh!). Can never get enough of these cheap earbuds, the various kids always end up loosing or breaking their existing ones!

I don’t think I understand what the list of artists is there for… do these headphones have band symbols on them?

99 cent store week?

in for 3…

These prices elsewhere are just plain wrong,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=5d50f9c53493479a&biw=1192&bih=520

In for 3. Devo all the way. Plus; my wife would kill me for not getting her a set of these. I prefer the not-death option.

Yep, every one has a logo on the outside of the earbud.

my horrible taste in music doesnt lend itself well to band-themed ear buds.

Damn you love of taylor swift!!

Yo dog, I heard you like music, so I put band symbols on your earbuds so you can experience music while you experience music.

I wonder if they’re called Section 8 for a reason…?

Well at least Ray Charles can enjoy them.

Perfect for ebay reselling. I bet some fool will pay at least $10 for a elvis pair. In for 3.

How do these compare to SkullCandy earbuds?

I wish Woot! had included pictures of the headphones so you could see what they look like.

i’ve never had anything “high performance” for a buck

$19.99 at Amazon; so-so reviews.

What? No Milli Vanilli earbuds? Guess I’ll blame it on the rain.