Section 8 High Performance Earbuds

C’mon!! Where are the Skid Row ones?!?!?!

Looks like a waste of raw material.

20-20kHz frequency response? What, at +/- 10dB? LoL Not a chance on this physical planet at this cost.

Only $114 a pair!,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=872e23e8f43f573e&biw=1920&bih=887

I wish they had a microphone also - then they’d truly be useful for iphone

In for two, KISS and The Who!

I’m a poet and I didn’t know it.

At 99 cents a throw, you can’t say no!

They go for $14.99 - $19.99 at the Section8 site:


Scroll through the narration and you’ll find links to the pix.

I think the rugrats grind up their ear buds and put them on their cereal. $7.97 for three? IN!

For those who didn’t notice at first, you can see the logos better if you click on the image, then click the chevron (arrows) to the side.

(Just in case anyone did the same thing I did at first and wondered how to view them.)

Whoa I can actually TASTE your sarcasm. Noted, and delicious. Thanks for the heads up.

Which one will sell out first?

My money is on the spuds.

Bought these for 25$ at an airport, mine said Run DMC. Sounds not bad as far as I can tell but they tend to pop out of your ears. I wouldn’t recommend them for running but other than that they’re fine.

One for me, one for the Mrs, and one for the kid! I am so in for three and the Devo is all mine! Never mind that I rarely used earbuds or headphones.

Only the not-on-woot! Lil Wayne version sparked the reviewers’ interest, and only two at that; one 5 star and another 1 star.

I really doubt anyone is going to be looking so closely at your ear that they’ll be able to see these.

Even if they do, I couldn’t tell a Devo logo out of context, and I doubt anyone else can either.

And if it would really bother you…Sharpie marker? Electrical tape?

Despite being $0.99, rock bottom cheap, the “high performance” title still entices me and makes me think they must be superior quality. :frowning:

It is just not possible to have too many earbuds. Cheap ones, especially. These will get used. Keep 'em coming, Woot. My earbud drawer still has room. I will always buy cheap earbuds.

You can also click on the text links at the bottom of the description to go directly to specific images.

This feature, by the way, is available for every woot every day.