Section 8 High Performance Earbuds

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Section 8 High Performance Earbuds
$0.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Fear not, Woot! Off is On!

And the Woot goes on!

These things look pretty cool, but they dont fit in the ear very well at all. Dont even try jogging in them.

Overall, sound is decent.

the fun continues !

And the Woot goes on!

bet you thought the BOC was next didn’t you

It’s not over!!

Is it sad that I think these are a much better deal than the Sennheiser ones from yesterday?

It’s alive!!


It’s not over!!

If they’re as bad as section 8 housing, stay away!!!

It’s not over!!

I bought a few of these of the Rock and Roll variety awhile back. They sound OK, but the wire rips apart at the Y joint very easily.

Duck Season!

Are the Elvis ear phones compatible with my Tupac music??

needs me some Pac-plugs

give me the PAC