Section 8 High Performance Earbuds

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Section 8 High Performance Earbuds
$0.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I’m in the middle of the street please run me over! Where’s the bag fi carp

I bought these a few months ago. Surprisingly good quality. Cloth covered wires. And if you rip it apart, the package contains 2 rare-earth magnets!

Sold out of Devo? Bummer, my kids love these things and eat them for breakfast (unfortunately)…

Got a couple of these here not long ago. I always buy earbuds here, when I see them, and keep a few extras in my bag. These came with a short right out of the box. Disappointing. Caveat emptor.

I bought 3 of these last time. All 3 pair shock my ear (different devices are connected) and one broke right away. The warranty covers it but I have to pay to ship it and pay to ship it back which is not worth it on a 99 cent item.

My family goes through headphones like Homer Simpson goes through doughnuts, so I’m in for three… a pretty decent value, esp. if you’re buying mass quantities.

I wanted Elvis and Ray, but no go :frowning:

Holy cow these run out fast. Was hoping to replace my brokens ones i got a few months back. :confused:

hope this shows up again. I’m sad I missed out on my devo earbuds.

I bought a pair of these from Woot a few months ago; the item arrived broken and they refunded my money. They couldn’t exchange because they didn’t have any more.

I would have liked to pick up some Who earbuds.

Just saw Roger Daltrey in concert last night, in fact. He did Tommy in its entirety. Good stuff.

Got these a few months ago too and just so anyone reading knows they don’t come with different sized earbud tips.

Mine did. You must have just overlooked them in the package. The only problem I’ve had with these is they are not labeled for L-R but I recognize that’s a personal OCD problem.

two highly dangerous rare earth magnets.
real actual field test #7

That’s what I get for not proofreading enough.

I meant to say that they don’t come with the smallest size earbud tips. The pairs I got did come with larger size ones though. My ear canals are small so this was kind of a big deal for me. The default tips fit but get uncomfortable pretty quick.

Except that they are not spheres, they are just discs…