Section 8 High Performance Earbuds



yay more headphones


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Section 8 High Performance Earbuds
$0.99 + $5 Standard OR $11 One-Day OR $8 Two-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Its SUMMER! And I knew it was headphones… I guessed it


In for 3 now that I get the free shipping. :V


I would use these if I didnt much prefer over the ear headphones.


The Who want to ruin your hearing


Thank goodness… I was afraid they were all out of speakers and earphones!




Ah what the hell I could use some cheap throwaway headphones for working out.


not really good , but great as throw aways or for lil kids


I really can’t believe this.


Wear these at the Olympics or if you’re into “The Who”


Blah! So should I say more?


I was hoping for more headphones in the Woot Off.
-Said no one . . . ever.


dang, I had cake boss all qued up so I had something to watch while I refreshed for 20 mins.


these are good earbuds actually. Cloth covered wires and fairly durable


How can earbuds that retail for $5 and discounted to $1 be considered “High Performance”? O.o