Section8 Headphones

Those Floyd DJ headphones look pretty nice. Too bad they only come in pink.

Don’t tease us with a Dark Side headphone picture if ya ain’t sellin Dark Side headphones!!

Good marketing technique…got me to look…pink??

-uncomfortably numb :frowning:

Aren’t these the ones in the picture?

The Dark Sides are right next to the Aerosmith headphones.

How’s the sound quality? I’d grab the Biggie earbuds in a heartbeat but I can’t find any reviews on how they sound or how durable they are.

All of them seem to have decent reviews on Amazon.
The pink Pink Floyd DJ are $1 cheaper on Amazon. All others are about $10 more.

No Jay-Z versions? I ain’t heard of dat. Nor have I heard of this brand. And no one is posting reviews of Section8

The Pink Floyd Dark Side headphones claim a 3% Total Harmonic Distortion? Really? I always thought the target for THD in a speaker was <1%. Ideally 0.1% or less. And they’re adverting 3%?