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The 3 watt and 7 watt solar panels are cheaper on Amazon:

Anyone have real-world experience with these units in partial sunlight (ie, backpacking going in and out of full sun)?

Who are they? Where are they located? Do they have a web site?

It’s difficult to find any solid info about this manufacturer.

I’ll just stick with my Goal Zero Nomad 7 kits. They are more expensive, but they have more features and have not failed me in the 2 years I’ve been using them. I keep one in my truck and one in my backpacking gear to charge my phone and GPS while on the trail.

Not with this manufacturer, but I’m very happy with my Goal Zero kit. On my last backpacking trip near Cimarron, New Mexico we averaged about a 5 hour hike between campsites and I could charge my galaxy S5 about 30% (moderate shade. tree/cloud cover) with the Nomad 7 strapped to my North Face Terra 65 pack. Once we set up camp (usually between noon and 2pm) I would find a nice sunny spot, if available, and set it up with the panel facing south towards the equator at a 30-45 degree angle (optimum position for any solar panel being used in the US) to charge my GPS and Goal Zero rechargeable AA battery back (I can charge devices overnight or in the rain with this or use the removable and rechargeable AA’s in my headlight).

7 nights on the trail and rarely did my phone (mainly used for pictures, reading, and the occasional offline game) or GPS device drop below 50% of charge. Soon I’ll be getting a SPOT safety GPS tracker to appease my wife and have no doubt I’ll be able to keep all 3 juiced up on the trail.

Google can be your friend.

FYI, the panels use mono-crystal panels. These are not garbage. I think my 2 nomads 7 and my 14watt off brand panels use these. They are, in size as efficient as polycrystalline but for the same output, mono’s are smaller. For camping, they are the norm. Roof type, the Poly’s will produce more output over time. If I didn’t already have 3 sets of panels, I might be in for one (or two) of the 14watt versions.

Grr, received the item today but it wasn’t the item.

Instead, it was the collapse-able LED Lantern/Flashlight.

First time item-returner, I guess.

Oh man, sorry for the mix-up. can get things straightened out for you. Be sure to include your order info along with your situation. Let us know how it goes!

The same thing happened to me. I contacted support, and they told me that the item was no longer available and issued a refund. I received two confirmation e-mails that my card had been credited (one from woot, another from Amazon)

A few days later, I received a second message from support saying that Woot was sending me the correct item.

I emailed support again and asked if they could re-charge my credit card, as they already processed the refund.

Support e-mailed back saying that I would have to re-order if the item is still available.


Last-time woot purchaser here…

Received my 14 watt pack yesterday and had a sunny day today so I tried it out. I’m impressed! I topped off my phone and then remembered that my second seldom used phone was totally dead. It has a 4000mah battery and it charged from 0% to 67% in whatt seemed like a couple hours. That’s when I lost my direct sunlight.

Anywho, very happy with my solar pack. Might have to pick up a second one the next time it pops up!