Secura Duxtop Portable Induction Cooktop

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Secura Duxtop Portable Induction Cooktop
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If only in I could still brew beer… This would be awesome for small 5-gallon batches… Celiacs F’n sucks… Enjoy all you gluten consuming everyone else’s… :grin::+1:t3:

Looks like an over-sized Ipod from the thumbnail

My buddy has celiac and he brews gluten-free beer. It’s really good.

You have been chosen to discover how to brew a gluten free stout, so that my girlfriend who had to give up beer as well can finally have a decent beer. (It’s all about me dontcha know)

This unit looks a lot like the unit I got from Amazon. Like they were broth rebranded from the same Chinese factory. It’s fifty bucks with Prime shipping right now. It also comes with a stainless pot and top.

Not quite the same as the Amazon :8 Temperature Settings from 150 to 450 Degree : 150 Degree, 200 Degree, 260 Degree, 300 Degree, 350 Degree, 400 Degree, 425 Degree, 450 Degree
Polished Crystal Plate Surface
LED Large Screen Display, 4 Digitals
Three-Hour Timer Setting
Touching Control Panel.

This one seems nicer :wink:

Currently on sale $79.99 @ AMZN

Good but not great reviews.

We ditched our big stove/oven more than a year ago and use a commercial-type Wisco oven (not a toaster oven) and an induction cooktop for pretty much everything else. Works great with cast-iron frypans and dutch ovens. Those thin pans that come with some units are useless…too thin.

But I have not missed my electric burners at all in the past year.

Just like microwaves, some espresso machines and a lot of air conditioners, only minor variations and do not expect parts or repairs or advice from the importer who slaps a name on them.

How accurate are the temperature settings? Can one set it for a precise temperature, like 155F for our brewing friends, and have it stay there?

Has anyone actually used this for beer brewing? I’m a little concerned about the “fits a 10 inch pot” on it.

I haven’t seen a 5 gal pot that is less than 12", and I think even my 3.5 gallon one is probably still too fat for that.

This record player just melts all my wax.

I bought the 1800w Duxtop 5 or 6 years ago and it’s still working great! Home Brewing With a Portable Induction Cook Top ... BEER ! - YouTube

My pot hangs over the sides but it still works great! Been brewing with mine more than 5 years. Cheers!

These all have fans, and mine is very noisy. What experience do the rest of you have with fan noise? I usually use mine outside of the kitchen - garage or patio table.

Man, that’s really tempting then. I guess I might need to get a new pot, but I wanted one anyway, and it’d be super nice to be able to brew in the basement.