Secura French Press Coffee Maker

Secura French Press Coffee Maker

Doesn’t anyone check the copy on these before publishing?

The title says 17/32 ounce instead of 17/34 ounce.

Probably too much caffeine.


Newer version on Amazon is only a dollar more for same size. If you prefer the slight style difference, I guess this is a decent deal.

I prefer the glass press. French press should be consumed asap for best flavor so preheating will only help in the brewing process.

I see the 34 oz press for $34.70 on Amazon, so this is still a decent deal.

Actually, the model that is just a dollar or so more on Amazon is very different than this model on Woot! The model on Woot! (available on Amazon for $34.75 – price diff of ~$10) has a much larger thermal insulation area between the two walls. The cheaper version on Amazon has barely any area between the two walls which would result in a vastly different level of heat retention.

The Woot one does seem to be an inch wider so I guess in theory that would give it better heat insulation. It seems that for both models people seem to complain that these don’t keep coffee hot for very long.

Really you don’t want to keep coffee hot in a French press for later consumption anyway, as it’ll just keep brewing the whole time, winding up terribly bitter. As such, the insulation just helps keep it hotter for the ~4 min. or so it takes to brew. To save some for later, it’s better to pour out into a separate thermal carafe/tumbler or, better yet, just brew a fresh batch for each serving as-needed (and you don’t need to brew a whole 17/34 oz. batch every time; partial fills brew just fine).

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