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I was all excited when I saw 8 cameras on the main deal graphic, only to be extremely let down that the only thing offered was a 4 channel DVR :frowning:
I’d actually really like a 16 channel with 8 cams, ah well

I don’t understand that myself why Woot continues with these false marketing schemes. Is it really that hard to show a picture of exactly what you’re selling and not “props” that are included to try and bring more people in?!?!

alot of this stuff never even comes to woot. It’s drop shipped by vendors.

i want buy this item pl send me quote

Uhm, we don’t do that. Just click on the item and then click “Add to Cart”.

Read the amazon reviews…
“The drawback is how easy it is to defeat - the siren plugs into the keypad and the keypad has an AC connection to the wall. Unplug either and the siren stops.”