Brilliant. In for one, love me some komodos.

Someone beat me to it!

Quick question everyone! Is the cream color more of a pink, yellow, or brown?

If I wear this to school, can I try to bust in a class and slay a teacher?

A true Knight would have slain the Dragons and would have never caused a little girl to drop her ice cream… This man is an impostor!


Sure, and while everyone is watching the security guards drag off the knight, the dragons bust through the glass and eat everyone!

It was their plan all along…

Uh, dragons…?

Also, the ice cream on the ground makes this whole shirt for me. Congrats Sam!

This has to be the best non derby shirt i’ve seen on here. Definitely buying it.

Poor girl lost her ice cream. Surprised the let her bring it in the first place.

Good concept, but not for a shirt. And the color is not so pleasant.

When I first saw this shirt I had this weird Deja Vu feeling like I’ve seen the design before…

I have no idea why. I guess I must be really tired. Guess I’d better be off to bed then…

I see an image of a disapproving grandma in the lefthand rock face. Am calling my therapist to make an appointment. It’s just that I’ve been really stressed out at work lately…

What if they were at the zoo? They serve cold treats at the last zoo I was at.

Sam had it posted on Threadless I believe.

That sword is completely unproportional to the knight. It’s basically as tall as him. Now, swords were usually rather large, but that one is just… fail. Sorry.

I can’t justify buying another cream shirt.

The real scoop here is that the little girl has dropped her chocolate ice cream. A sad day indeed.

So awesome!!! Kind of a modern take on Don Quixote.

Er… He’s not exactly a successful knight…

Also, some medieval swords were indeed 6 feet long.