I suspect the princess he’s trying to save is the girl working at the gift shop.

Are these security guards professional weightlifters? They look like they have lifted the knight completely off the ground.

That’s exactly what I thought of when I saw it

Someone please stop this man from saying Dragon.

Nice! I was about to post this, which I will do now:

Also, the cat made me chuckle.

Not thrilled with the color but in for one anyways, it made me laugh!

hah, clever

The t-shirt explanations are getting sillier and sillier lol

Same. Excellent photo, thanks. :slight_smile:

I’d pay to see this happen in real life.

Stop putting text on the shirts!!!

I tried to say it nicely yesterday. But clearly the message requires more force behind it.

from your idea, it would also have been interesting to put a “real” dragon hiding out in a komodo suit somewhere taunting the knight

but i really like your design :slight_smile: very nice

Why is he being pulled away?

I liked the part in the write-up about what would happen if the King married his cousin and his child married his cousin, and so on for twenty generations, “big ears and an overbite”, any simalarities to any person or King living or dead is purely coincidental.

i reckon he was framed by that little girl… that ice cream looks like a bit like a rock

Just watch Night at the Museum (1 or 2… or any of the thousand versions that they’ll make. They’ll eventually put this concept in there, somewhere.)

those komodo dragon’s look a little too big? no?

I wonder if this is Don Quixote giving it another try after that whole windmill debacle.

Dang, man, they made him drop his sword and shield too.

any self respecting knight wouldn’t waste time on dragons whose wings are, it would seem, cut off.