SecurityDR Data Guard Thumbdrive Lock - 2 Pack

Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

SecurityDR Data Guard Thumbdrive Lock - 2 Pack
$4.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 2 Digital Innovations Security DR Data Guard Thumbdrive Lock

I think WootBot gave me a cold. Or maybe it was uplateanyway…either way, I blame jackhampton!

Froogle Link Minimum Price $7.99 X 2 = $15.98

Yahoo! Shopping Link Minimum Price $7.99 X 2 = $15.98

Shopzilla Link Minimum Price $9.99 X 2 = $15.98

Manufacturer Page $14.99 Direct X 2 = $29.98

Now we know the combo to Woots! servers!!! 007.

Shopzilla… get one for double the price… if you want.

Shopzilla… one for about 1.5 times the price… a little better.

… sorry… this product isn’t combined properly… so you get two Shopzilla links… choose your fave… i’d go with the lower price if i were you…

… this is another one of those rare woots that just doesn’t have any good comparison links worth considering… clearly a great woot… so i just wanted to remind everyone that we’re celebrating a very beloved canadiens b-day too… the big 2-2 for a certain punk rock girl… so buy an Avril Lavigne shirt… or two… hehe… go canada.

what the heck is this…something to track my golf scores?

So what exactly do these do?

Looks like $13.79 for 1 is the cheapest on Froogle.

does it shoot lasers and deploy killer robots?

Some secure pricing…
SecretPrices … $7.99 x 2 = $15.98

PriceGrabber … $7.99 x 2 = $15.98

NexTag … $11.99 x 2 = $23.98

Froogle … $7.99 x 2 = $15.98

Add shipping + tax to that. Woot price x2 seems very legit. If you find it cheaper than Woot and I’ll give you a cookie!

Yankees is grumpy due to a cold, that apparently I passed via a Thumbdrive to him.

how in tarnation does this thing work?? can’t i just take it out?

I think I’ll just stick with encrypting the files. G’night everyone.

what already bouncing?..I thnk I will be left out of this one…I have just one thumb drive and that is all and I use it for not so important stuff…

Woot are you spitting me. A lock for a THUMBDRIVE.

I can believe that i stayed up to view this.

Nite Nite Wooters.

This one is a joke, right?

Definitely the worst Woot of the year so far! :smiley:

Every one guard your USB’s!!! Your USB may be under attack!!!

This is the worst WOOT 2006

Have no need for these.I just put my pen drive down my pants. It’s pretty safe down there.

Not just the worst woot ever…the worst invention ever!

i use encryption, ftw…
dont need physical locks.

Well, this beats the old technique of hiding the drive in a body cavity.

And for 4.99, it will sell out.

Yeah, that would take a stupid person all of 30 minutes to get in to.